About Us

The inception of Bolterauer Paramotor products was done early in 2013 by Chris Kambouris, Chris owns numerous businesses in the automotive industry including the largest Turbocharger company in South Africa. With principals like Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Holset, Borg Warner and other international giants, Kambouris' has extensive expertise and experience in the import sector and brings this key to the forefront of the local paragliding industry. 

The official launch of the Bolterauer Paramotor Products' web page was done in February 2014. There was extensive research done in the South African paragliding and Powered paragliding industry by Chris and his team, and the result is the beginning of a new exciting player in this industry, with fresh ideas, and as exciting products for all pilots alike.

Bolterauer PPG was created to bring affordability and immediate access to all paragliding and Powered paragliding product in the form of a showroom so that all customers, both existing and new, have a central location to visit and speak with trained professionals and pilots alike about
product sales, maintenance and service. We have developed good relationships with the best instructors in the country and such, are able to direct interested pilots to be - to accredited instructors at special agreed tuition rates at specific training fields around the greater Gauteng area aswell as the Cape and other outlying areas.

PPG is a fantastic way in which to experience and enjoy the principals of flight. No longer do you have to look deep into pockets for a flying machine that was previously limited to the super-rich. Powered Paragliding is a simple, but affordable form of flight, which is easily transportable with you to your holiday or weekend destination. The running costs of the sport are minuscule compared to that of any other form of aviation, in fact it will cost you less than running a motorcycle or scooter for the same time/distance.

The enjoyment factor exceeds that of any other aviation type sport, due to the camaraderie experienced within the great training facilities and flying fields, aswell as fly-aways, and other events that so many PPG and PG (paragliding) pilots attend. Many new friends are made and so many amazing experiences are enjoyed at locations like Sedgefield, Kleinkrantz, Map of Africa - all in the Cape aswell as closer, local locations like Bambi, Lydenburg, Gods Window for paragliding, and Hartbeespoort Dam, Bronkhorstspruit Dam, Microland, Rhino Park and many other local air fields who allow PPG pilots to fly in their locations..

Bolterauer have secured exclusivity on the best quality products in the world, and bring these to your doorstep at a fraction of the cost of any other PG or PPG outlet in South Africa. Witness to our Vision - we would like to grow this amazing sport and the friendship it attracts by providing the most affordable, reliable and on hand product in Africa. All products held on hand, and supported with the widest range of engine spares, propellors, lubricants, spark plugs, frames, harnesses, netting, Fuel tanks throttles, to list a few.

If it is a Paragliding wing, helmet, Air Band Radio, Headsets, Paramotors or parts thereof, a complete Trike or harness, we have it all in stock at our showroom in Benoni. All are welcome to visit us for a chit chat, a coffee and to browse the world class products we offer. We have a nice range of books and DVD’s that I'm sure any person whether they are a pilot or not, would enjoy watching.

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said -


“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes
turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to

― Leonardo da Vinci